“Trazas desde 42° Sur hasta ...” WX Paulina Humeres - Mauricio Peralta artgroupwx©2002 english español italiano l l l l reportajes l l
It is a multimedia installation that consists of:  10 transparent Ilfochrome (cibachrome), photographs mounted in lightboxes of 100 x 70 x 15 cms. Its assembly was  done with a selection of more than 100 photos, images and virtual screens, created with real news obtained in Internet.  1 looping video of 20 minutes. The photographs and images of the video were rescued in Tierra del Fuego, in the  exact, original and sacred places of the Selknam (Onas), race totally extinguished. Its music was made specially for the  work with interventions of the last descendant of the Selknam race.  The main subject of the project is the rescue of the historical memory of Tierra del Fuego, Chile, starting off from date  1888 - 1889 when from Bahía San Felipe, one of the hunters who received a pound for each head of Indian, had the  vision of "greater gain". Accomplice with the boss of a french whaling ship, "Toulousse" embarked 11 chained  Selknam indians to France. Inside an iron cage were shown in the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1889 like "exotic  merchandise'', and receiving from 5 to 10 sous from people to watch the "cannibals of Tierra del Fuego".  This, to nowadays and through mass media as it is Internet, creates a bridge that does not manage to break itself, since  one of the greatest profits continues to be the "human being".  children traffic organs traffic women traffic pedophillia prostitution DNA banks traffic ... The end of this great banquet is the Autofagia